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World of Tanks: Endless War

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Realtime UK asked us to produce and bring to life a couple of sections for their new World of Tanks trailer, Endless War.

Set in a few different locations, we took on the factory section and the UK section.

Firstly the tank building factory sequence: using the layout and tank animation from Realtime – we modeled the environment and lit, rendered and comped the sequence adding hot molten metal, dangling chains, hot sparks and glows of heat in an atmospherically lit environment with shafts of light.

A war torn UK was the other section, layout, tank animation and matte painting supplied by Realtime, we produced the lush environment and hedgerow dynamics to see them being ripped apart by the heavy advancing tanks and then lit, rendered and comped the sequence.

Working on a tight turnaround, we delivered the trailer in time for Realtime to showcase it at the E3 conference in Los Angeles, June 2013

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