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T57 Heavy Tank • 12.2K damage per battle • WoT Gameplay

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12.2K damage per World of Tanks battle (replay, gameplay) on the American tier 10 heavy tank T57 Heavy Tank.
The T57 Heavy Tank is a tier X heavy tank in the American tech tree and unlike the T110E5, the T57 is armed with a 4 round auto loader. Apart from that and the slow aim time, the T57's gun is nearly the same as the T110E5's one. Its armor isn't as good as that of the T110E5, but it can bounce shots if angled correctly. The reload on this tank is really outstanding, only needing about 22 seconds to load the magazine and about a 2 second delay between shots, giving the gun amazing burst and DPM potential. Use the quick clip reload to your advantage and help your team deal massive damage to the enemy and this tank will be a force to be reckoned with.
T57 is one of the best and most flexible damage-dealers in the game. If you manage to get yourself into the right positions in the battle, react appropriately and most importantly survive and don't attract too much attention, it is not unusual to dish out 5000, 6000 or more damage in a game.

WoT How to play T57 Heavy Tank - 12.2K damage per battle, 9 kills, 1638 base experience
Awards received: Ace Tanker, Fadin's Medal, Radley-Walters' Medal, Steel Wall, High Caliber, Top Gun
Map: Overlord – Standard
Gamer: Hyina
Replay link: http://wotreplays.eu/site/4291883#stats


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