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Road to tier X | Lago tier IV | WoT Console

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Добавлено от PS4 В World of Tanks XBOX PS4
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Road to tier X with the Lago today. Includes a heartbreak ace in the M3 Lee
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Brawling like a boss in Blitz? Watch this: https://goo.gl/KmchtS
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Load Aim Fire is a channel dedicated to World of Tank Blitz and Console (PS4). How to play the game, tips and tricks, strategies and tactics, gameplay and review. It’s all here. See how to drive a heavy, flank as a medium or light tank, kill red tanks with big gun tank destroyers. And of course there’s random lolz, fails and epic troll moments. Gameplay is provided by martindogger [EMRS] on the EU. martindogger is a Community Contributor for WoT Blitz.
Intro song: "Radio Rocket" - PC-One https://soundcloud.com/pc-one/radio-rocket
... and cheers to that randy human that got me started on doing Blitz videos, Mr B aka Bushka on Blitz https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXR8UhZCwzLfclPohwNCPBg

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